DJ Moose’s Biography

DJ Moose is currently the co-host of The DJ Moose Show along with Outsider. The DJ Moose Show is available at www.djmoose.ca, on iTunes or via your favourite RSS reader. DJ Moose also occasionally guest DJs in Montreal (and anywhere else if you invite him).

As told by DJ Moose:

On December 31st, 1990,  went to my first club, Alcatraz. I wasn’t listening yet to alternative music, but it was fun listening to the Cure, the B-52s, Depeche Mode, etc. But I was still underage and in High School so regular clubbing didn’t go over well with my mother.

Then, on May 24th, 1991 I went to a super club that would become my home for the next two years, La Nausée. Although, I was a Rockabilly at the time, I loved hearing songs by Ministry, RevCo, The Pogues, Social Distortion, FLA and Front 242… and even a little EMF. Over the course of the next two years I slowly morphed from Rockabilly to Goth… and I was with my people. The girls were pretty, the music was great, and the beer cheap!

Then, the unthinkable happened. La Nausée became the Loft – a techno/rave club. I needed a new home.

And I quickly found one. The Gallery which was a small hole in the wall, but it had incredible music, first by DJ Faith and then DJ Law (and they used to play a lot of my requests). But it didn’t last long. Afterwards, my music fix was filled by DJ Law’s loft parties, the early Skull Product nights, and a once a month night at Backstreet (where I think I saw Santeria a hundred times).

Then one fateful night in April 1995 at the Mardi Alternatives at the Loft, a couple of my close friends, Matt & Tom, told me they had become promoters at a place called the Lézard and that I was to become their DJ. A few minutes later… DJ Moose was born.

Incubus at Bar Lézard quickly became the go to night for Goth/Industrial/Alternative… and it was on a Tuesday (try that today)! Our concept was simple: play great music that you couldn’t hear anywhere else. Bands such as Leaether Strip, Christian Death, Nosferatu, Einbaser, Project Pitchfork, Haujobb and more.

From there I moved to the Saturday’s at the Sphinx and then in June 1996, I went home. Les Dimanches Alternatifs at the Loft with DJ Moose started (replacing a great night, the 7 Days of Thunder with DJ Terry).

With crowds that on special occasions peaked at over 1000 people it was an awesome ride. But all good things must end. And in 1997, I retired the horns and disappeared from the scene.

I still went out once in a while to enjoy some music… and my thanks go to DJ Mr. Black and Dark Wave Nights at Saphir for making me dance when I did go out by playing great music.

Despite having been a guest DJ at couple of DWN and Skull Product nights in the years from 1997-2008… it wasn’t the same.

Then something happened. I bought Navigator by Funker Vogt… and to my surprise they were coming to this new festival called Kinetik. It was 2008. There I was watching Memaker (an incredible band from Montreal), looking at the freaks around me… and I realised that I was home.

With help and encouragement from DJ Mr. Black, The DJ Moose Show was born a few months later. There are over 30s0 episodes, lots of interviews, and a crap load of great songs by even greater artists.

I can also be found from time to time making people dance when I guest DJ. Usually with DJ Draris of Different Mode at Passeport, or DJ Harshangel and DJ Kommandant of Rebirth Nights at Passeport.

Outsider’s Biography

Outsider’s past is shrouded in mystery. What we do know is this: He likes this scene. In 2010, Outsider built a podcast aggregator, www.mechanicalnation.com, to share this scene’s podcasts with as many people as possible as well as creating his own plug-in to update fans on new album releases.

It is thanks to this aggregator that Outsider and DJ Moose met. A friendship ensued, and whilst camping together in the summer of 2013, DJ Moose and Outsider came to realise the show could be more enjoyable with Outsider co-hosting. Both were wearing pants at the time.

Outsider is also the photographer behind the fantastic series of Kinetik Photo books.

About The DJ Moose Show

DJ Moose and Outsider are co-hosts of The DJ Moose Show, Montreal’s only weekly Goth/Industrial (including all the sub genres) Podcast. The show features new and old music, occasionally interviews and other guest DJs. This show is much more enjoyable if you listen to it naked…. even more so if you listen to it with other people who are also naked, cause really, club wear is just for the clubs… as to whether DJ Moose wears pants during the recording… some things are just better kept a secret.