The Gothic Moose – Episode 297

Please enjoy this episode of The Gothic Moose with a Sleeman’s Maple Down Lager! This week DJ Moose and Outsider play these tracks:

Intro – 00:00
The Hacker – Time X (feat. Miss Kitten) – Le Théatre Des Opérations – 01:18
Empathy Test – Everything Will Work Out – Safe From Harm – 06:45
Boytronic – The Universe – Jewel – 10:42
Autodafeh – No Future – Electronic Body Matrix 2 – 15:48

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose an Outsider – 20:12

Machinista – Let Darkness In – 25:30
Vainerz – Let Our Love Shine – Patient – 30:06
SD-KRTR feat. Noemi Aurora – Rise – Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 193 – 33:57
Future Lied to Us – Falling – Falling – 40:18

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose an Outsider – 45:57

Ginger Snap5 – Distant Star – Against The Days – 46:49
TC75 – Lies – Tracks – 50:21
The Saint Paul – Come with Me – Three – 53:21
Funker Vogt – Wahre Helden – Musik ist Krieg – 57:21

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose an Outsider – 1:02:12

Orange Sector – Endzeit – Endzeit (Deluxe Edition) – 1:05:24
Dusty Idols – A2 – One Day Moth – 1:08:30
Akalotz – Take Like A God – Confront – 1:13:33
Dark Insights – Be Yourself – Be Yourself – 1:17:27

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The Gothic Moose – Episode 288

Please enjoy this episode of The Gothic Moose with a Fluff-n-Nutty.

Intro – 00:00
Diary of Dreams – Hiding Rivers – Hell in Eden – 00:30
Akalotz – Take like a God – Confront – 05:29
ROOT4 – Strassen – Walk My Way- 09:29
Tomas Tulpe – Mit Anja ist es aus – In der Kantine gab es Bohnen – 13:40

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider – 16:59

Delectro – Mechanic – Some Have To Dance …Some Have To Kill – 20:18
ManMindMachine – Everything Change (SoftWave Remake) – Point of Departure (Remixed) – 26:46
Nordika – Seduceme – Ecstasy – 31:26
Ginger Snap5 – I Disappear – Against The Days – 37:26

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider – 41:52

Mortal Void – Das zweite Gesicht – Of Shadows and Mirrors – 45:46
Wiccid – Inuman Nature – By Design – 51:00
Radioaktivists – I Want You – Dependence 2017 – 55:34
Necro Facility – Skrik – We Are Progress – 59:11

Micro with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider – 1:03:16

Shiv-r – The Moth Collector – Requiem for the Hyperreal – 1:05:34
Paresis – At Your Command – Last Shadow – 1:09:05
Agrezzior – Statue of Liberty – Strike Back – 1:15:36
C-Lekktor – War (CIRCUITO CERRADO Remix) – War – 1:19:30

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The DJ Moose Show – Episode 251 – The best of the last 8 years extra

In episode 250 of The DJ Moose Show, we were limited to 25 tracks between 4 hosts (and I had ten of those)… but when I was preparing for that show, even though I had eliminated tracks that I had played recently in the show, I found that I still had another 30 tracks that I couldn’t possibly not also call the best of the last eight years. So here they are!

Please head to my website ( for descriptions of why I chose each track.

Thank you to the artists and bands in this episode, as well as the last, for having inspired my love of music and made me want to share that with the world. If is wasn’t for the incredible music that you all make, as well as all the other dark scene artists and bands, there wouldn’t be this podcast and others, there wouldn’t be music festivals like WGT, Teminus, Coldwaves, etc… THANK YOU!

Intro – 00:00

Berlin Babylon – Hello My Dear – 00:30

From the master behind the awesome Detroit Diesel, comes this incredibly melodic band, with refreshing blast of new wave. I was lucky enough to see them live once… and I was blown away by the singer. I don’t know if any future releases are planned… but Berlin Babylon is a must have for anyone who likes New Wave/Synthpop. This song is one of my favourites.

Glass Apple Bonzai – Night Maze – 03:56

Continuing in the synthpop vain, out of Ontario comes this amazing project from Daniel X. Belasco. I close my eyes and I am transported back to my childhood listening to incredible music… but I am hearing the incredible compositions of Glass Apple Bonzai.

Mental Discipline – Fallen Stars (feat. Felix Marc) – 08:54

When I first heard of Mental Discipline it was because I had just discovered this cool label out of Russia called Skyqode ( I was blown away! An amazing Futurepop act that made me crave more with the danceable beats, cool remixes and a sound that I craved..

Junksista – Naked Wet Hot – 12:54

Junksista is HOT. The sexy vocals blended with sultry electro beats make my ears (and other parts) horny. I love the way Diana sings/speaks the lyrics… in the same way you would with a lover. Get Naked! Get Wet! Be hot!

Lyronian – Silver Arrow – 15:58

Exciting, powerful, dance floor thumping is what Lyronian is for me. Fantastically composed and superbly arrange. Silver Arrow is one of those timeless tracks that you will always enjoy.

Prayers – Gothic Summer – 19:57

What can I say about Prayers. Possibly the best gothic lyrics ever! With lyrics from the dark places that can only be brought by the experiences the singer Rafael Reyes has lived. Then blend that with trimmed down electro beats… AMAZING! This was the first song I heard, but don’t stop here, go listen to the rest, watch the interviews…

Faderhead – The Way To Fuck God – 22:34

This is my anthem! I love this song. Sami from Faderhead is particularly gifted at making dancefloor awesomeness with lyrics to match…. But this track is me. I love it!

Mechanical Moth – Black Queen Style – 26:26

This is the scene song. It is an incredible song to listen to. Listen to the lyrics. They will make you smile. Because we all know someone who is/has the Black Queen Style.

The Gothsicles – Nine Dudes Freaking Out – 30:12

I love the Gothsicles! Not only is Brian Graupner one of the most talented musicians (and tour guides) I have ever been fortunate enough to meet… but he is also one of the coolest guys (and not just because he knows my name and occasionally listens to the podcast). All of the tracks from the Gothsicles are great, but this is off the Kinetik compilation, from the same music festival where I first saw the Gothsicles and was lucky enough to interview.

Suicide Commando – God is in the Rain – 34:00

Over the last eight years as I have been lucky enough to guest DJ at clubs in Montreal, this song (and the next) became staples in my playlist. The beat from this song is mesmerising, the song is a blend of sound that are creepy, dark, thoughtful and occasionally wallow in despair. Fantastic.

DYM – Let Your Blood Run Dry – 39:02

Out of Toronto, DYM outdid themselves with this club anthem. The perfect track to get out of the melancholy of Suicide Commando. Add to that 140BPM and cool vocal effects. I love this.

SAM – World of Shit (Soman Remix) – 42:51

I learned of SAM thanks to their appearance at Kinetik. Awesome and highly explosive duo of Joel Meyer and Daniel Meyer make thumping aggressive sounds that you just crave. As a plus this is Soman remix… which makes it bombastically thumpingly delicious!!!!

Synapsyche – Suicyber Girl – 46:48

Synappsyche is a Harsh EBM/Industrial band out of Italy who I was lucky to learn about (thanks to Skyqode). Fun tracks with aggressive vocals and bass thumping beats that make you move and dance around. Suicyber Girl is one of my favourites, but check out their other tracks!

Menschdefekt – Mind Control – 51:40

Classic Electro Industrial. I needed to have some in this mix and Menschdefekt is simply the best of the last 8 years.

Ginger Snap5 – Polaris – 55:40

Aggressive electronic beats originating from the Ukraine, this band has many fantastic tracks with Polaris being among my favorites.

Patenbrigade: Wolff – Turmdrehkran (PVD Club Mix) 1:00:30

Patenbrigade: Wolff is a key building block of any good mix. Smooth electronic EBM that leave you seeing fluorescent orange and you move more rhythmically enjoying the dancy soundscapes.

Intent:Outtake – Der Mammon – 1:05:48

If you don’t have any Intent:Outtake in your music collection, what the fuck is wrong with you? A blend of synthpop and harsh industrial, they are absolutely fantastic! Amazing to see live, awesome videos, and fantastic live. Recently charting on the DAC and the GEC, really greats tracks, and this is but one of them.

Ladytron – Ace of Hz (Tiësto Remix) – 1:09:40

What’s this? This is an awesome track! Remixed by Tiesto (what???) to what will always fill the dancefloor… I never forget the first time I spun this song at Dark Wave Nights at Saphir.

Lights of Euphoria – Waters of Hades – 01:16:55

With and incredible library of music, Lights of Euphoria are one of the scene legends. And this tracks is a dancefloor thumper. I had forgotten about it and only recently (like last year), fell in love with this track again.

Harmjoy – Pain Decay – 01:22:00

This band… and this track… are phenomenal. Injecting a new sound and passion into my head with this song, the meaning behind the lyrics, while not my cup of tea, I find nonetheless profound and cool.

Melotron – Stuck In The Mirror – 01:26:20

I first learned of Melotron when they were opening for Covenant… they were cool… in a different way… like a German Depeche Mode, but not… and then this song, which if I am not mistaken is their first in English, is so good! A dancefloor staple.

Seelennacht – Gone with the Rain – 01:30:20

Ah… what? Holy shit! At first, Seelennacht made me this of a younger Chris Pohl with deeper vocals… but it is more than that. I saw Seelennacht live at WGT in 2016 and they were simply incredible.

State Of The Union – Radioman (Club Remix) – 01:33:58

I am a really old man…. Really old man… NO! This amazing track from STate of the Union is so great, I was convinced that the lyrics were really old man, until I read the track name (before we had displays in our cars that told us what was playing)… RADIOMAN. To this day, I listen to this song all the time… and mis-sing the lyrics just for fun.

Substaat – Berlin – 01:38:39

Super cool beat, rhythm and layers, I love this song. It is fun, powerful, emotional… I am really glad I got to see them play at WGT in 2015.

Culture Kultür – Toxic Pulse – 01:42:36

One of my favourite bands. Not just because the come from my favourite place in the world, Andaluscia, Spain, but they blend of music and vocals, the meanings, are all fantastic. They aren’t the darkness in my veins, but la luz!

Surgyn – Stiletto – 01:47:25

This scottish band is something else… unique sounds, dancy, catchy, cool. Like super ambiguously sexual tracks that are just bleeding slutty decadence.

Project Pitchfork – Acid Ocean (Remix) 01:51:14

Having listened to Project Pitchfork for the last twenty years, the evolution of their music is quite something. I saw them this year at WGT with 3 drummers!!! This song is cool and perfect!

Simi Nah – Batcave 01:56:50

Electro that come and slaps you about excitedly! Goth, dark, synth, this is smooth music for the undead soul! Add to that french lyrics… sends shivers down my spine.

Angels of Liberty – Death To Wake Up 02:01:01

Their Facebook description described their style as new British Goth… and that is the perfect description. This is the british goth I loved and listened to in 1991… but new and better.

Psy’Aviah – OK 02:05:12

Yves puts out incredible Electronic tracks… Psy’Aviah reminds me of Delirium, especially with his use of different vocalists for each track, but in a way that I find more European. This track is way cool… and “everything’s going to be OK”!

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Playlist – Different Mode at Passeport – December 5, 2015

Here is my playlist for my sets at Different Mode with DJ Draris on December 5, 2015. Thank you to DJ Draris for having me and thank you to everyone for dancing and making an awesome night great!

Diary of Dreams – Homesick
Kromak – Renacer
Dekad – Searching
Blutengel – Between The Lines
Mechanotronic – Sinister
Complex Mind – Unpleasant Surprises
Unity One – Join The Light (Resistanz Mix)
Stoneman – Liebe Liebe (Electro Remix)
Electrovot – End Of The Line (SITD Remix)
Leaether Strip – Strap Me Down
Project Pitchfork – Blood Diamonds (See Him Running)
Covenant – The Men
Bhambhamhara – Nur Fur Euch
C-Lekktor – Radioaktivity
The Firm Inc – Abgebrannt
Endanger -Das Ist Alles
Aesthetic Perfection – Never Enough (Solar Fake Remix)
Diorama – Exit The Grey
Am Tierpark – The World Will Smile At Me
VNV Nation – Chrome
And One – Body Company
Melotron -Stuck In The Mirror
Rotersand – Bastard Screaming (On and On)
Suicide Commando – God Is In The Rain
Synapsyche – Hate and Psyche
Alter Der Ruine – Relax & Ride It (The Handlebar Mix by Memmaker)
Funker Vogt – History (Icon of Coil Remix)
Colony 5 – Accelerate
Ost+Front – Sternenkinder (Blutengel Remix)
Van Undercur – EBM & Alcohol
Noisuf-X – Tocate Del Terror
Combichrist – Sent To Destroy
R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc.) – Moscau Leipzig
Substaat – Berlin
Harmjoy – The Quiet
Indochine – 3 Nuits Par Semaine
The Faint – The Geeks Were Right
Covenant – Stalker (Club Version)
Angels and Agony – Lifelight
Solitary Experiments – Seele Bricht (feat. Feindflug)
Funker Vogt – City Of Darkness
Ginger Snap5 – Polaris
Hocico – Bienvenido
Nitzer Ebb – Closer
Depenche Mode – Stripped
Joy Divison – She’s Lost Control
Clan of Xymox – Stranger
Duran Duran – Planet Earth
Stereo Total – Cosmonaute

The DJ Moose Show – Episode 200

WOW! 200! Let’s celebrate. Get naked and bathe yourself in champagne for this epic episode of The DJ Moose Show. Outsider and DJ Moose play some of their favourites from the last few years!

Blutengel – My World
Seabound – Without You
Solar Fake – I’d Rather Break
Mental Discipline – Fall To Pieces (Feat. Felix Marc)

Micro – with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider

And One – Panzer Mensch
Funker Vogt – Date Of Expiration
Perturbator – Satanic Rites
Intent:Outtake – God’s Architect

Micro – with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider

Surgyn vs FGFC820 – Resist!
DYM – Let Your Blood Run Dry
Memmaker – Death Comes (Sale Traître)
Iszoloscope – Flatline Receiver

Micro – with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider

Volt 9000 – Toybox
C-Lekktor – Stigmata
Detroit Diesel – Serenade (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
Noisuf-X – I Am Like God
The Gothsicles – Drop Dead, Squid Face

Micro – with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider

Avarice in Audio – The Cassandra Complex
Ginger Snap5 – Polaris (remixed by Massiv in Mensch)
Nórdika Feat. Alex Braun – Delirious Passion (Single Version)
Vain Machine – Strike The Wire (People Theatre’s Cable Mix)

Micro – with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider

Glass Apple Bonzai – Night Maze
Architect – Freaks
Sleetgrout – Coffin With Two Suicides
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Distorted Religion
Everything Goes Cold – Iamerror

Micro – with your hosts DJ Moose and Outsider

for all the emptiness – loving wrath (dance mix by code 64)
Torul – All (Rob Dust Remix)
Xenturion Prime – Transmissions
nTTx – New Dress 2015

The DJ Moose Show – Episode 200 by Dj_Moose_1 on Mixcloud

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